Creative Design

Advertising Identity Brand

Advertising doesn’t need to be boring

Getting creative with your design, media and advertising is more important than ever. No matter what platforms you advertise on, paper or digital, the last thing you want is for potential customers to just flick past your message.


We can provide creative artwork for both digital and paper-based advertising. Whether it’s a new company brochure, adverts for magazine publications or good old fashion leaflets.

Magazine Publication


Although many things have moved over to a digital world, there is still the need for office and business stationery.

We can design:

  • Business Cards
  • Letterheads
  • Compliment Slips
  • Signage

And we will try to make it exciting!


In a world where we are constantly consuming information, having a great social platform and eye-catching post designs are a great way to get ahead of your competition.

Estate Agency Social Post
Pegasus Properties Social Post
Business cards, company stationary and logo design

If you’ve got it…

As important as making an impact can be, not everything has to be punchy and bold. The biggest consideration is making sure your message appeals to your target audience.

Creative Design & Advertising decisions should be based on a number of key elements, at iris Digital Marketing, we take all of these into consideration when producing visual campaigns. Whether it’s simple flyers, adverts for social media or the re-design of your website, we want to make sure it hits all the right notes.

Ultimately the design element of your business is as important as the written message.