What is Content Marketing?

In short, Content Marketing is literally everything you read these days.

Whether or not you mean to, every time you write about your company, your products, your people or your services, you are entering into the world of content marketing.

In truth it’s far more complex than that. Good content marketing is focused around delivering valuable, relevant and consistent content to a defined audience.

Increasing Engagement through good Content

The concept behind content marketing is you are delivering your audience valuable information rather than directly pitching a product or service. This in theory increases their engagement, loyalty and activity with your business and ultimately results in them giving you their hard earned cash.

What’s the best form of advertising?

Traditional marketing methods have become costly, less effective  and far less measurable. Understanding your ROI is one of the most important functions in determining the success of any campaign. Content marketing allows you define an agenda, an audience and a message. It’s an important tool in raising brand loyalty and feeding your customers full of important knowledge. Used correctly it’s a great way of building traffic to your website and can be utilised cross platform to engage with existing and potential customers.

Think of it like this…

If I owned a cake shop and I wanted to promote my deal of the day, I may use Facebook to upload a beautiful image of a tray full of freshly made cream cakes.

Here are two alternative methods…

Option 1

“Another set of great cakes fresh out of the oven!”

Get them whilst you can, we’ve nearly SOLD OUT already

Option 2

Fresh from the oven and going quickly. Free recipe with all orders placed today. Click below to find out more…

In both instances the principle aim as a business is to sell more cakes, neither are wrong, however the end results can be very different.

We look at creating inspiring content giving you the perfect platform to promote your business and increase both traffic and conversion.

Here are 5 Simple key measurement strategies to get you started:

  • Community growth – Are you growing your audience, increasing followers or adding to your mailing database?
  • Reach/Impressions – Are your posts being seen?
  • Engagement – Are your prospects/customers interacting with you?
  • Website visits – Are your adverts/posts driving additional traffic to your website?
  • Conversion – Are you taking orders?

We believe content is king when it comes to marketing your business. Making sure every action has the right reaction is part of our planning strategy. Good content allows you to connect with customers, build long term relationships and inevitably increase your opportunity for them to buy more from you.