How important is your corporate imagE?

How important is your corporate image, logo and overall brand identity?

In simple terms, your brand is your business or corporate identity. It’s how people recognise you. That said, it’s not just about creating the perfect logo. But it helps!

Some businesses spend hundreds of thousands on creating the perfect corporate identity and brand image. Largely it’s about stamping market dominance with the perfect scenario being long-term brand usage. Just take Google or Hoover for example.

Ok, most of us won’t get to the dizzy heights of Apple, Coke Cola or Mercedes Benz, but having something that fits your company’s ethos is a big must and it’s largely overlooked.

Brand Guidelines


Whether you have an established brand or are just setting out, having a distinct set of brand guidelines will help keep your identity. It can be used by your teams, designers and marketers to make sure that everything keeps to a strict yet familiar feel. If you feel your identity has got a little bit our of control, we can help!


The best place to start is at the beginning… Identify your market, identify your customers and most importantly, identify your business. What are you? Who is your audience? Where are your strengths?


Brand Identity is the visible element of your business. It’s the logo design, colours, shapes, fonts, language and images used in promotion, advertising and marketing. Making sure these reflect your company ethos, your personality and your product is hugely important.


Your final product and how consumers recognise, identify and distinguish you from your competition. It’s your calling card and needs to be instantly recognisable.

It doesn’t have to be complicated

Some of the best corporate identity is made up of simple visuals. Take Apple for instance; Apple is now one of the most recognised brands on the planet. Yet their logo and branding is very simple. It was certainly designed to appeal to a “new generation”. The concept itself is widely commented on, with theories ranging from religious influences to Isaac Newton’s discovery of gravity. Either way the brand has stood as a testament to Apple’s continued innovation and brand promotion.

What does your Brand say about you?

Sometimes these are the toughest questions. Being critical about something that has served you well for many years isn’t always easy. However, good businesses always adapt and evolve. If it is time to look at making some changes then we are on hand to discuss. We can help with direction, ideas, research and design to build something completely new and exciting, ready for the next stage in your business’s evolution. For further information or to discuss in more detail feel free to email, give us a call or complete the contact us section here.

Define Your Audience

Define Your Audience

Be Unique

Be Unique

Understand your strengths

Understand Your Strengths

Promote your business

Promote Your Brand