Key Factors for Social Engagement

We now live in a world where Social Media is no longer a good to have marketing option but rather a must have. That said, it doesn’t have to be the be all and end all of your marketing strategy.

Like all business avenues, it’s simply a set of channels that can help you get your message out to your clients and prospects. The important thing is to understand what, where and why you are using it.

In far too many cases, I see social media advertising used as purely a sales tool. Upload the latest offer, add a link to buy and then wait for the orders to come rolling in… and in so many of these cases, the results are poor!

Many of you will have successful Social Media accounts and some of you maybe on the journey of improvement, so what actions can you take to make it better?

First and foremost, it’s about understanding what your clients, prospects and followers want. To ruin the party now, there is no definitive single answer, but it should allow you to pose the initial question and build a structure that works for your business.

To make it a little easier here are 3 common key factors for social engagement.

3 Common Key Factors for Social Media Engagement


Everyone likes to feel loved. Making your customers feel involved and part of a special community will no doubt breed loyalty. Using your channels for market research, polls and feedback will give you a very quick indication of what they like and more importantly what they don’t. Allowing your followers to interact with you in this way means they feel part of the team and that their voice is being heard. This is also a great way for you to structure what information you can put out in future.


Insightful and specific information relating to products, services and news can be the difference between make or break when it comes to social engagement. We all love to learn, so posts that offer reviews, information and instruction will often lead to higher levels of interest and therefore engagement. It’s a great way of showing your authority within your market sector, who doesn’t want to be the go-to when it comes to customers asking for advice?


Although it may seem like a great idea to get everything out there at once, hold back! Create a plan to feed information over a specific period. No one wants to be inundated with a dump of posts on their Facebook feed. It’s a sure-fire way to lose followers and your messaging gets lost very quickly. Creating a timeline will really help with delivering content, it allows you and your team to understand what the focus is and measure the results.

We understand that Social Media isn’t everybody’s cup of tea and there will be many businesses out there that through no fault of there own have tried and tried to create engaging pages but alas, are still banging their heads against a wall. However, try and look at it with a new set of eyes and a changed mindset, put the customer journey at the forefront of the discussion and see if this time around the options look a little different. If you really have reached the end of the line or would like some professional advice on what you can do next, then feel free to get in touch and see how we can help.

Until next time!

Stay safe and well.

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