It’s 2021 and digital strategies have seen huge leaps over the course of the past 12 months, but is Social Media becoming harder for businesses. Some sources state that what we would normally expect to see in 10 years of technological advancements, have been implemented in just One. Businesses have had to develop new ways of engaging and reaching their customers and many have even turned to adapting their websites to incorporate some form of e-commerce facility just to allow customers to continue using their services and products. So growing our Social Media organically should be a breeze!

So, is Social Media the Silver Bullet to creating success?

It’s true that more and more of us are spending time in front of a screen. Children at Home School, Work, Zoom chats, Facetime, catching up with friends and family… Our lives seem to revolve in someway around staring at our phones or our computers. So, with all this attention, shouldn’t Social Media be thriving?

Although there are many new entrants and a number of predominant existing platforms across the Social Media marketplace, Facebook is still king. With somewhere in the region of 2.5 billion active monthly users, it still tops the charts for the most used solution. Here is a handy visual to put it in context.

How does it all work?

All Social Media platforms show content based on algorithms. Technically this is an automated calculation to decide which posts show up at the top of your news feed. Without heading down a rabbit hole or getting too technical, the top factors for most social media algorithms in 2021 are the amount of engagement that piece of content receives and how much you personally tend to engage with that individual users content overall.

Here are some factors based on Facebooks algorithm to consider:

  • Facebook prioritises content from friends and family over businesses.
  • It also prioritises content from people you engage with, generally those people whose posts you comment, like or even send a direct message to.
  • It prioritises posts based on the number of reactions and the variety of reactions a post receives.

As a business, it is probably fair to say, you are not at the top of the pile. This is why many businesses choose to utilise Facebook Ads or Boost posts to increase their reach.

But can you increase your reach and engagement organically.

Here are my top 3 tips for organic Social Media growth.

  • I am going to kick off with a controversial thought. As more and more of our personal content is favoured above business content. I would recommend posting or at least sharing your business content from your or your employee’s personal pages. Facebook recognises both Groups and Events as the main driver for people visiting its platform and certainly emphases this in its content and post choices.
  • Make sure your new “business” personal posts are set to “public” this will give you the best chance of gaining traction and reach.
  • Post content that encourages lengthy comment or debate. Facebook prioritises both the number and length of comments.

Some of you may see paid promotion as an essential part of your business and I would agree that in many cases, it is a great way to build your profile, reach new customers and widen your audience. These are just some handy tips to try and extend and grow your organic reach. As always, if you would like to discuss in more detail, feel free to get in touch.

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