Time to say Happy New Year!

Firstly, my apologies that it’s been a few weeks. I always had this wonderful idea that I would compose something useful and thought provoking every week. However, I’ve been fortunate enough to be absolutely stacked out with work. Which in truth has led me to write this particular post.

How many of us who run our own businesses must wear multiple hats on a daily basis? My guess is a pretty large proportion. There seems to be a very different thought process to working “in” the business to working “on” the business though.

Time to find out!

Let me explain what I mean by these two different phrases. Many of us find ourselves working on a day-to-day basis doing all the paid for tasks. The old saying “people buy people” is testament to why customers keep coming back. So, the daily routine of actually “doing the job” is where we feel most in demand. It’s also what puts the money in the bank. Whether it’s retail, service provision, specialist trades or like me, Marketing Services. We all spend the majority of our day working for our customers.

Now, we all know that most businesses owners are pulled in a hundred different directions. So to set the scene, you have spent the day nurturing, caring for and offering outstanding service to your clients. The doors theoretically speaking are shut and now you just have invoicing, stock, appointments, accounts, orders, interviews and payroll to crack on with. I know that not everything is applicable to everyone, but hopefully it paints the picture. Oh… and we haven’t even looked at marketing yet!

I work with many clients, who in truth are more than capable of running their own marketing campaigns, social media and advertising, but simply don’t have the time. Working “on” the business is about setting aside time to implement strategies, marketing ideas, advertising campaigns and raising the social profile of the business. Unless you have a team around you who can specifically help in this field, it’s another box that needs ticking.

So… is there an ideal scenario and how do we find utopia?

I would love to offer up a silver bullet on this matter, but the reality of getting the perfect formula is often left to trial and error. I would always suggest that analysing the most important factors of your business is a great place to start. Look at where you are needed, what impact it has by delegating roles, are there specialist areas which are better outsourced and finally can you create more time in the day.

Marketing is a good example of where you can outsource or delegate responsibility. Either look internally for someone who has the flare and character to take your Social Media experience to the next level or find someone like us who can streamline the process and create something unique for you. The balance is often down to cost, but it’s certainly worth investigating.

In some small way i hope you find Time to do all these things.

I’m a massive fan of sharing the knowledge, so if you’ve managed to accomplish the perfect scenario, please feel free to let me know. On the other hand, if some of the above is ringing alarm bells with you and you think we may be able to help in some way, shape or form with your marketing needs. Please give us a call or email me at info@irisdigitalmarketing.co.uk

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